Sorts of paper


Founded 1913 at Dresden as Mimosa-Dresden 

The most buildings of the factory were destroyed in 1945 through bombs. After the war's end, Mimosa opened up a new factory in west-germany at Kiel. However, between 1948 and 1957, the factory at Dresden was run by the east-german industries but did not produce papers, only cameras and equipment. In 1957 the firm at Dresden was re-named VEB Fotopapierwerke Dresden and produced also papers again, but not with the trade-sign Mimosa.

Production of photographic papers after 1945 only as Mimosa-Kiel. 1964 fusion with Agfa-Gevaert. 

Mimosa-papers were also very much used in pre-1945 germany.

Mimosa trade-signs on postcard-sized papers before 1945 (sometimes also Mimosa-Dresden)

Mimosa trade-signs on small-sized papers, Sunotyp and Carbon-Braun are sorts and can also appear without "Mimosa"

Box for Mimosa-papers after 1945 (now in Kiel)

Advertisement in photomagazine after 1945

Mimosa trade-sign on small-sized paper after 1945 (Mimosa-Kiel)