Sorts of paper


Founded in 1867 in Berlin the "Actien-Gesellschaft für Anilin-Fabrikation" shortly called A.G.F.A. first only produced chemical liquids for photographic purpose. From 1913 on, they also produced papers.

The firm's main factory was located in Berlin.

In 1952 the firm was new founded as Agfa AG Leverkusen, a daughter of the chemical industries firm Bayer Leverkusen.

In 1964 a fusion with the belgian firm Gevaert took place, which resulted in the new firm name Agfa-Gevaert GmbH. In this fusion also Mimosa, Leonar, Perutz and some smaller german firms were "swallowed" by the new brand "Agfa-Gevaert Group"

Before 1945 AGFA-papers, like Leonar, were the most used papers in germany.

Another factory of Agfa was located at the town WOLFEN in east-germany (Sachsen-Anhalt). Between 1945 and 1953 Agfa also produced there. In 1954 the factory at Wolfen was taken over by the east-german gouvernment and named VEB Filmfabrik Agfa-Wolfen. However Agfa continued production there until 1964.

In 1964 the factory at Wolfen was completely under the authority of east-germany and the trade-sign was changed to ORWO.

ORWO stands for ORiginal WOlfen.

ORWO was THE main producer of photographic films, liquids and papers in east-germany until 1989


Box of AGFA - Paper before 1945 (firm located in Berlin)

Box of AGFA-Brovira paper after 1945 ( now located at Leverkusen )

Box of AGFA-paper "Portriga-Rapid" after 1945

Box of AGFA-paper after 1964 (now AGFA-Gevaert)

Package of AGFA-Brovira paper before 1945

AGFA prints on small-sized photos, AGFA-Brovira and AGFA-Lupex
The lines under the trade-sign (also when there is no line) denotes only the graduation of the papers and has nothing to do with pre-1945 or not.

AGFA-print on postcard-sized papers before 1945

AGFA papers after 1945 ( additional line
ABOVE ! the name now, and also Agfa alone )